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We doing Daily Tiffin Service in Thiruvananthapuram with monthly payment bases.We have a team of the best cooks in town that can make delicious mouth watering Homemade kerala recipes with hygiene conditions . These delicious dishes can now be yours at an affordable price. You will be glad to know that we have delivery boys to deliver your meal on time,in Thiruvananthapuram city. We have made the ordering process very easy also. Just call us and Register your name. Check out our menu and rates to be pleasantly surprised how good, sumptuous food can be had every day at such an affordable price. .

Why Us


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We understand that today's fast life and competition does not leave young people the time to prepare their own food. Many couples are both working towards their goals and at this time need a friend who would provide them with nutritious food. We are your friend at hand to provide you with wholesome food to get you through the day and stand by you as you climb the ladders of success.

Our Mission

Good wholesome food

Good wholesome food at an affordable rate for everyone through proper sourcing, correct management with minimum waste. The food when delivered at the right time so that people don't miss a meal and make for a healthy and prosperous nation.


• Rice Puttu • Idli • Dosha • Uppumavu • Idiyappam • Palappam (Kerala Rice Crepes) • Appam • Ada (Coconut Pancake) • Vellayappam • Chappathy • Cheru Payaru ( Green Gram) Curry • Kadala (Bengal Gram) Curry • Chana Masala • Thenga Chammanthi ( Coconut Chutney) • Coconut and Peanut Chutney • Kunjulli Chammanthi • Ulli Chammanthi (Onion Chutney) • Tomato Chutney • Green Peas Chutney • Kerala Sambar • Egg Roast • Vegetable Stew • CheruPayaru Stew (Mung Bean Stew) • Fish Molee • Egg Roast • Kerala Chicken Gravy • Simple Kerala Chicken and Potato Curry • Kerala Chicken Roast • Tomato Roast • Spicy Chilly Fish Masala • Beef Masala • Spicy Beef Tomato Curry • Red Chilly Tomato Chicken Curry • Kerala Fish Fry • Kerala Beef Fry • Kerala Chicken Fry • Prawns Tomato Roast • Tomato Chicken Roast

Vegetarian Side Dish for Rice
• Cabbage Thoran • Beans Thoran • Cabbage Carrot Thoran • Ivy Gourd Thoran • Aviyal • Beans Mezhkkupuratti • Spinach Thoran • Achinga Mezhkkuperatti • Mushroom Theeyal • Mushroom Thoran • Pavakka (Bitter Gourd) Thoran

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Daily Tiffin Service

Welcomes you to have delicious food prepairing with hygiene conditions every day.

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Breakfast and Lunch
we delevering at before 09:00 AM.
we delevering before 09:00 PM Please contact us.

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